5/16/2020: The Blue Avians - A Spring Super Sonic Webinar


Come on a Galactic Journey to the Sphere Ship with the Blue Avian Beings! These beautiful bird extraterrestrials have codes they would like to share with us to balance and harmonize our vibration!  They specialize in balancing frequencies, and are very excited to be with us.  This is a direct channel and deep meditation where we connect with your astral body and go to their ship together.

You will feel and see as if you are there, because you are:) . Through codes of light, we enhance your body, mind and soul and adjust your vibration to a more expanded frequency.  These webinar connections are transformative on every level of your being.  You will get the replay afterwards so you can get multiple usage, as you can listen over and over and each time the codes go deeper! A truly magical experience.