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Turquoise Healing Crystal Ring

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Antique bronze wire wraps with turquoise to make a statement ring reminiscent of an ocean wave.

The wire wrapped ring's detail creates its unique, organic design while the material's mixing colors You can wear this boho ring either facing up or down, giving you two styles to choose from.

Turquoise helps individuals connect to the spirit and enhance one's own communication abilities. The stone is believed to strongly connect to the individual who wear it.

In many cultures, this healing crystal represents truth, peach, and harmony. The healing crystal itself is sought after in various countries.

Turquoise is December's birthstone.

All material is nickle free and hypoallergenic. The wire wrapped ring uses antique bronze copper core wire. The inner core is 100% copper.

Southwestern USA sourced turquoise is used in this ring. The turquoise is not dyed or heat treated.